Frequently asked questions

What is a Sender ID

A Sender ID is a unique name or standard mobile number that shows in the “from” field of your text messages on your phone.

So, instead of the message coming from a system generated long number, you can choose your company name, campaign name or even a standard mobile number. By using a Sender ID, your customers will immediately recognize who the SMS text message is from. Register for your  Sender ID.

  1. Choose a sender name. The name must be your organization name and a maximum of 11 characters.
  2. Fill in request letters for each network you would like the sender registered. Note if you register on one network only numbers on that network will receive SMS. The letter should be printed on your letterhead, dated and stamped
  3.  Send scanned copies of the request letter(s) and a copy of your organization registration certificate or certificate of incorporation

Mobile Apps FAQ’s

General questions

How Much do you charge one for an app?

Amount of app development depends on the job that is going to be done, what the app is going to do etc.

How long does it take you to develop an app?

This depends on the scope of work. Talk of all the integrations that are supposed to be done etc..

Do you do App maintenance?

Yes yes, we do maintenance depending on the type of contract that we will be signing.