Mobile communication platform

Bulk SMS:

Send a single message to thousands of contacts at the click of a button using your organization name as the sender. Text and graphical reports have been provided showing important information such as delivery status to enable you make informed decisions. SMS can be used for:

  • Marketing
  • System transaction alerts
  • Sending advisories
  • General communication
USSD codes

They offer an interactive menu for users to choose from to perform certain functions. A user dials a number such as *869# and they are presented with a menu from which they choose options. USSD codes are used for:

  • Mobile banking
  • Customer support
  • Online shopping

We have developed an SMS based survey platform to enable organizations and individuals collect feedback from their users. The system allows you to broadcast survey questions to a group of contacts who respond through the short code. The data collected is analyzed and presented in both textual and graphical format for ease of processing and decision making.



House Searching App

This is a one-stop platform for house/office hunting. Unlike traditional platforms that only offer images of unapproved houses, we offer a user looking for a house an all-round experience where you can see the amenities of the entire property, if the property has floors you can select the floor you want and check out vacant houses/offices and pictures and amenities available on that specific unit.
We also offer complete real estate management solution where tenants make payments straight from the platform and can request for services such as repairs, installations and movers from the platform.
We therefore make it easy and simple for a house/office hunter to get the unit they want while at the same time ease the work of a property owner by outsourcing management services to us.



Money Sending App

This is a money transfer platform that makes it easy for Kenyan citizens to send money abroad and users from other countries to send money to Kenya. The platform also offers ability for Kenyan citizens to transfer money across various payment platforms such as mpesa to bank, bank to mpesa etc. Also included are bill payments.